Rowd Full Assamese Movie


Human life and their relationships are like two sides of a coin. There is a saying 'true love can touch your soul' and every human being waits for that heavenly ray....

Rowd is a story about a young guy whose past collides with his present. Its about his dream, love of life, friends, family and his journey...

There is no specific time or season for love but all we need is a ray of sunshine which will melt our sorrows and bring an ever lasting sparkle to our lives where the child in us finds manifestation....

Rowd Full Assamese Movie Cast And Crew

Release Date April, 2012

Starring Dashing "UTPAL DAS", Sweet n bubbly "MOONMI PHUKAN",Dynamic "DIGANTA HAZARIKA",Introducing "MONALI",Evergreen "HIRANYA DEKA"

Directed By Gautam Baruah

Written By Story by Gautam Baruah, written by Chirantan Mahanta and Rupam Dutta

Screenplay By Chirantan, Rupam and Akhim. Original screenplay by Gautam Baruah.Dialogues by Chirantan and Rupam

Produced By M.B.Productions

Rowd Assamese Promo

Pokhi Pokhi Mon.....(ROWD)

Ai Boyokhe somoy...(ROWD)


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